Top Reasons Children Should Participate in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a great way to learn more about diseases. They also are a primary way that researchers can find out if new treatments are safe and effective. These treatments can include new drugs, diets, devices, and more.

Often, these trials are used to learn if new treatments are more effective or have fewer side effects than the standard treatment. This can improve the quality of life for those living with a disease. Some clinical trials are even used to test ways of early detection of conditions. In addition, others can test ways to prevent health issues in the future.

Top Reasons Children Should Participate in Clinical Trials

Studying new treatments and drugs are essential in children because while they are little, they are not little adults.

Children have different treatment needs, reactions to medicines, and outcomes of treatment than adults. And sometimes, they have different diseases or can be affected differently by diseases than adults. Doses of medicine, the sizes of devices, and types and frequencies of therapies can also differ. Here are some top reasons why children should actively participate in clinical trials.

Participation will help provide information that will benefit children in the future.

Just like adults, every time someone participates in a trial, they are helping those in the future who may need the drugs or therapies. Many times, clinical trials lead to new drugs, devices, and therapies being allowed in the regular market. This can be of substantial benefit to those who need them.

Participation may allow access to new drugs or treatments that are not yet available.

Clinical trials are often the first stop for brand new drugs and therapies to be tested for disease. Being a part of medical research can often have even better outcomes, and kids deserve these outcomes, too!

Participation in the trial may allow your child to receive extra care from doctors and nurses.

Your child may receive closer care or extra testing that may not be a part of regular care. Every bit of care is extremely helpful when it comes to many diseases.

Participation may allow more access to information about the condition or illness.

By understanding more about the disease or illness your child has, the more informed your decisions can be about their treatments.

You will also be able to see if the treatments you had been doing have been useful, or if a new treatment from a trial is even better. If you are interested in a clinical trial for your child, it is important to know all of the facts about the process.

As part of being a part of a clinical trial, you will have something called informed consent, which makes sure that you are fully aware of the process and allows you to ask questions that will help you and your child better understand what the trial entails. You also may leave a trial at any time and can work with the doctor during the trial to best understand what is safest in treatment for your child.

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