Respiratory Tract Infection Prevention – Seniors With Asthma or CHF Research Study

Respiratory Tract Infection Prevention
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As people get older, respiratory tract infections (RTIs) become more of a concern. People’s bodies don’t prevent or respond as well to these infections as they once did, which means even a common cold can turn into a serious health problem.

This is especially true for senior adults with a history of asthma or congestive heart failure. Because of these condition, they may be at a higher risk of developing an RTI, which is a leading cause of hospitalization among seniors.

Doctors at Meridien Research in Maitland are conducting a research study of an investigational drug for the prevention of illness associated with RTIs.

To be eligible, subjects must be 65 or older and a non-smoker, and not have a lung disease other than asthma.

Study participants may receive study-related visits, tests, and drugs at no cost. To learn more, please call Meridien Research at 407-644-1165 or complete the form below.