Healthy Adults Research Study

Age Range:

Thank you for your interest in the Spring Hill Miro Health Research Study! The purpose of this study is to test an iPad App called Miro that measures neurological functioning. We are assessing the reliability of this application by asking research participants to play a series of games in the Miro app 3 times over 3 weeks at our office in Spring Hill, Florida.

For this study, we are recruiting people who meet the following eligibility criteria:

• You are a healthy young adult (18-25) or senior (64-85)
• You have completed high school (or equivalent)
• English is your first language
• You have no history of neurological or psychiatric conditions (note: past resolved history of anxiety or depression is not exclusionary)

If you are eligible and interested in participating, you will be asked to do the following:

  • Read and sign an Informed Consent Form that describes the details of the study and complete a short quiz to make sure you understand the details of the study (this takes about 5 minutes)
  • Complete some screening questionnaires about your health including neurological and psychiatric history to confirm eligibility (15 minutes)
  • Show us your government-issued photo ID to confirm your identity
  • Perform a short cognitive assessment over the phone (10 minutes)
  • Make 3 visits to our office in Spring Hill (address provided below). The visits are spaced 1 week apart.
    – The 1st visit involves the following (may take up to 2 hours):
    Complete a urine drug screen and pregnancy test (if applicable)
    Perform a short paper-and-pencil cognitive assessment
    Complete the Miro games on an iPad
    – The 2nd and 3rd visits involve only playing the Miro iPad games (about 1 hour and 15 minutes for each session)

We offer $160 in compensation plus travel expenses for eligible participants who finish all portions of the study. You will receive $40 after Session 1, $40 after Session 2, and $80 after Session 3. If you would like to pursue this research, please call (352) 597-8839 or complete the form below.