Dementia Research Study

Age Range:
50 to 90

The purpose of the FOUND study is to help learn whether an investigational medication reduces wandering in subjects with dementia. Patients who agree to participate, and who qualify, will be part of a 20 to 26-week study. Wandering in dementia can include behaviors such as:

  • Getting lost
  • Excessive walking
  • Pacing
  • Leaving or entering spaces (such as the house) when not supposed to

Key Inclusion Criteria

  • 50 to 90 years of age
  • Diagnosis of dementia of any etiology
  • Mini Mental State Examination score of 9-24 (inclusive)
  • Presence of one or both of the following wandering behaviors that in the opinion of the investigator, in consultation with caregiver, is at least of moderate severity (defined as clearly a wanderer, and this causes some distress or difficulty for both the subject and caregiver):
    • (a) Elopes or attempts to elope AND/OR
    • (b) Gets lost or is unable to locate a specific place
  • Has a caregiver who has more than 10 hours/week of contact with the subject, is fluent and literate in English and is willing to accept responsibility for supervising the treatment (e.g., administering study drug) and assessing the condition of the subject throughout the study in accordance with all protocol requirements