Alzheimer’s Disease With Agitation Study

Alzheimer's Disease
Age Range:
50 to 90

Are you caring for a loved one with agitation due to Alzheimer’s disease?

The TRIAD™ Research Study is currently evaluating an investigational medication to see if it may reduce agitation in patients with dementia related to Alzheimer’s disease.

To be considered for this study, patients must:
• Have moderate to severe agitation* due to Alzheimer’s disease
• Be between 50 and 90 years of age
• Have a caregiver able to attend all study visits

This study will include:
• Study-related medical exams and assessments at no cost
• Potential compensation for time and travel

To learn more about this study, please call us at 352-597-8839 today or complete the form below!

* Agitation can be defined as the presence of one of the following behaviors: excessive motor activity (such as waving arms, pacing, or fidgeting), verbal aggression, or physical aggression.