Six reasons why you should participate in a clinical trial

There’s one question potential clinical trial participants always ask – why should I participate in a clinical trial? Medical research is crucial advancing healthcare breakthroughs, and study participants are the most important part. Here are six reasons you should consider participating in a clinical trial with Meridien Research:

  1. You play an active role in your own health care. Insurance is not necessary to participate in a Meridien Research clinical trial, and all trial-related treatment and medication is provided at no cost to you. Some studies last months, so you could potentially have long-term care for the condition the study is treating.
  2. You gain access to potential treatments before they are widely available. All trial medications must pass rigorous FDA standards before they can be tested on clinical trial participants, so you are not in danger of serious harm during a clinical trial. In fact, a clinical trial is the only way you can receive cutting-edge treatments when they are first developed.
  3. You can receive expert medical care at leading healthcare facilities — free of cost — while participating in important medical research.
  4. You can help future generations – your children and grandchildren – by contributing to research. Medical research studies are a key component to the future of healthcare in the United States. Participating in a research study or a clinical trial has the potential to help both the individual participants and other individuals who have health conditions or diseases or might develop them in the future.
  5. You can offer hope to people with serious health conditions as well as researchers working hard to prevent, alleviate, or cure those conditions or diseases. Even if the treatment you try does not work, it helps scientists get one step closer to a breakthrough.
  6. You may receive compensation. Some trials will compensate monetarily for your time and effort spent on the study, which will vary in length. Others will provide some other kind of reimbursement, such as medical care, medical equipment, or medication, depending on the study.

If you are interested in learning more about the clinical trials Meridien Research is conducting in your area, please call 888-777-8839 today!