Centralized Study Processes

At Meridien Research, we offer a single point of contact for CROs and Sponsors in each of these areas:

Business Development

Business Development team is responsible for the timely communication between our organization and our CRO/sponsor partners during the initial stages of site identification and feasibility.


Director of Site Advancement, Lara Wakeman, facilitates the completion of CDAs and feasibilities on behalf of our investigators and sites, ensuring the feedback provided to our CRO/sponsor partners is accurate, and returned in a timely fashion.

Budgets & Contracts

Meridien Research’s budgets and contracts for study conduct are negotiated and executed in a centralized manner, using the same language across all 6 clinics. We are dedicated to quick turnaround times for our CRO and Sponsor partners, we find it essential to dedicate one individual to the budgeting and contracting process.

In-House Marketing

Offering a variety of proven methods to recruit patients including print, digital and social media.

In-House Patient Recruitment Center

Dedicated recruitment staff for each site and study.


Meridien Research’s accounting department is responsible for the centralized financial functions of our 6 clinics. Invoicing is given special attention to ensure that our CRO/sponsor partners are billed accurately and in a timely fashion.


Meridien Research’s QA/QC department is dedicated to ensuring that the data we provide our sponsor partners is accurate, and provided in a timely fashion, without sacrificing patient care.


Each clinic has a dedicated Regulatory Coordinator who is responsible for the maintenance of the clinic’s regulatory books and documents. It is our organization’s goal to turnaround completed regulatory documents within 48 hours of receipt.