Why Should You Participate in a Clinical Trial?

Meridien Research Clinical Trials DaySaturday, May 20th is Clinical Trials Day! This event is celebrated around the world each May to recognize the day James Lind conducted the first randomized clinical trial on board a ship in 1741.

At Meridien Research, we’d like to use this day to encourage Florida men, women and children (yes, even kids!) to volunteer for a clinical trial. Trials are a vital part of clinical research and are the basis for all medical advancements. Every medical improvement starts with a clinical trial.

Meridien Research’s clinical trials or medical research studies offer you an alternative to existing medications, improvements for current treatments and new cutting-edge therapeutic drugs. Not all studies involve medications. Some involve devices and others simply involve answering a few questions or sharing medical records.

Participation in studies can offer you these new treatments right away while also contributing the added care and support from the clinical trial staff. As a study participant, you would work with certified medical doctors as well as your primary doctor to assess and ensure your overall health and safety during the study.

Your participation can help propel these medical treatments, detectors, and preventatives into the market and start helping other patients right away.  Advancement in medical treatments start with you. Remember, behind every medication that people have ever taken are patients just like you who have volunteered to participate in clinical trial.

To learn more about the clinical trial opportunities at Meridien Research, call 888-777-8839 or visit the Studies pages of our website.