Meridien Research helps find new ways to treat diabetes

According to The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America released September 2016, nearly 27% of adults in Florida are obese.

Dr. Louis B. Chaykin, Principal Investigator at Meridien Research, is a board-certified endocrinologist and specializes in diabetes care. Dr. Chaykin feels the rise in diabetes cases — at least type 2 diabetes – directly correlates to the dramatic increase in obesity and weight increases nationwide. He says the Southeast United States has a very high percentage of obesity compared to other regions of the country.  “The epidemic of diabetes has tracked with obesity, and 86 million people in the U.S. are prediabetic,” said Dr. Chaykin.

Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in the United States and participating in a clinical trial contributes to the mission to cure, prevent and treat the condition. Meridien Research’s Bradenton site conducts numerous diabetes research studies. Increasing participation in trials like these helps new treatment options become available.

Dr. Chaykin believes the diabetes studies conducted at Meridien Research are making a difference. “Without participation in diabetes research protocols, the number of new and effective drugs that have been developed to better control the disease and reduce complications would never have been possible,” Dr. Chaykin explained. “The FDA evaluates these new compounds, which requires large populations to be involved in the study, under carefully controlled clinical research.”

Florida has a very large number of patients with the condition and Bradenton is one of the best cities for diabetes research. “More than 1 in 10 adults in Florida has diabetes,” Dr. Chaykin said. “We have a population of older seniors and minorities who have higher risks of having diabetes.”

Why Participate in Diabetes Research Studies?

According to Dr. Chaykin, “Enrolling in sponsored clinical diabetes research studies allows patients the opportunity to experience the benefit of new drugs, while being supervised by specialty nurse coordinators and managed by a Physician Specialist. Patients are seen frequently and lab tests, including blood tests and cardiograms, are preformed regularly at no cost to the patient. Many study drugs that are very effective are either expensive or not available to the public.”

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About Meridien Research

Meridien Research has been conducting clinical research trials and studies in Florida for more than 10 years.  All studies are administered by board certified doctors and highly trained medical personnel in our 6 sites: Bradenton, Brooksville, Lakeland, Orlando, St. Petersburg and Tampa. For more information, please visit