Meridien Research celebrates Clinical Trials Day May 20th

Clinical Trials Day is celebrated around the world on May 20 in recognition of what is considered to be the first randomized clinical trial performed in 1747. Scurvy was rampant. Surgeon mate James Lind, a pioneer of naval hygiene and aboard the HMS Salisbury of Britain’s Royal Navy fleet at the time, recruited 12 men for what he called a “fair test.” Lind divided the men into groups and proscribed different daily treatments for a period of two weeks, looking for a cure for scurvy.

Among all of the treatments—which included cider; dilute sulphuric acid; vinegar; sea water; a paste made of garlic, mustard seed, dried radish root, and gum myrrh; and oranges and lemons—he reported that those allocated the citrus fruits experienced “the most sudden and good visible effects.”

Today, clinical trials require rigorous procedures and protocols and are highly regulated. Meridien Research has been offering medical research to the residents of Central Florida since 2000. With six privately-owned facilities, our mission is to provide consistent, high-quality clinical research in a professional, ethical, and timely manner.

Each of our clinics has a team comprised of a site director, principal and sub investigators, regulatory specialists, research coordinators, lab coordinators, and front desk coordinators. Some also include research assistants and data entry coordinators. Our investigators are board certified and specialists in endocrinology, dermatology, internal medicine, cardiology, central nervous system disorders, and men’s and women’s health. All site staff have received OSHA, IATA, CPR, IVRS, SAE, ICH, and GCP training. Coordinators are experienced with EDC programs including, at a minimum, Phase Forward, In-Form, and sponsor-specific programs; most clinics also are experienced with Oracle, iMedidata, RAMOS, INET, IMPALA, RAVE, DataLabs, and Trial Master.

We have conducted more than 2,000 clinical trials across a wide range of therapeutic areas in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and contract research industries. All of our clinics include dedicated research space, exam rooms, freezers, interpretive ECG machines, central security systems, dedicated monitoring space, wireless internet throughout, and echocardiograms on site.

8043 Cooper Creek Blvd., #107, Bradenton, FL 34201

Therapeutic Expertise: General Medicine/Endocrine/Mental Health/Women’s Studies/Gastrointestinal/CNS Pain Management/Dermatology/Nutrition

Our Bradenton clinic features 8,200 square feet of dedicated research space with 3 fully equipped exam rooms. Additional features include a back-up generator and dedicated A/C unit for power and temperature control.

Vista Professional Medical Center
3133 Lakeland Hills Blvd., Suite #2, Lakeland, FL 33805

Therapeutic Expertise: CNS/Psychiatry/Neurology/General Medicine/Gynecology/Gastrointestinal/
Endocrine/Sexual Dysfunction/Dermatology/Nutrition/Cardiac/Pain

Lakeland is a 6,000 square-foot dedicated research center with 4 exam rooms. Additional features include bladder scans on site.

2300 Maitland Center Pkwy., Suite 230, Maitland, FL 32751

Therapeutic Expertise: CNS/Mental Health/Neurology/General Medicine

Our Maitland Clinic has 6,244 square feet of dedicated outpatient research space with 2 fully-equipped outpatient exam rooms.

120 Medical Blvd., #103, Spring Hill, FL 34609

Therapeutic Expertise: CNS/Psychiatry/Neurology/General Medicine/Gynecology/Gastrointestinal/
Endocrine/Sexual Dysfunction/Dermatology/Nutrition/Weight Loss/Pain/Cardiovascular Risk

Spring Hill is a 3,300 square-foot dedicated research center with 2 exam rooms. Additional features include ambient and refrigerated centrifuges and a refrigerator for IP storage with a double-locked, temperature-controlled storage area for controlled substances.

4751 66th St. N., St. Petersburg, FL 33709

Therapeutic Expertise: CNS/Psychiatry/Neurology/General Medicine/Gynecology/Gastrointestinal/Endocrine/Sexual Dysfunction/Dermatology/Nutrition

Our St. Petersburg clinic consists of 5,500 square feet of dedication research space with 3 exam rooms. Additional features include a refrigerated centrifuge and a back-up generator.

Beaumont Business Center
5411 Beaumont Center Blvd., Suite 760, Tampa, FL 33634

Therapeutic Expertise: CNS/Psychiatry/Neurology/General Medicine/Gynecology/Gastrointestinal/Endocrine/Sexual Dysfunction/Dermatology/Nutrition

Tampa is a 5,500 square-foot dedicated research center with 3 exam rooms. Additional features cialis 20mg include a back-up generator and dedicated A/C unit for power and temperature control of drug storage area and freezers.

Meridien Research meets or exceeds enrollment goals for the majority of trials. Statistics on screen-failure rates, retention rates, and enrollment-to-goal rates available upon request. Patient recruitment is accomplished primarily through our 25,000+ patient database, print media, radio, social media, and television advertising and subject referrals.

We conduct a wide variety of clinical trials in all phases of research, and require volunteers to complete each trial. Volunteers of both genders, all races and ethnicities, all ages—including children—and those who are healthy, have been diagnosed with a certain condition, or who are taking a specific medication are needed for studies. Because of our reliance on volunteers, we offer a Friends & Family referral program.

Per the National Institutes of Health (NIH), “groundbreaking scientific advances in the present and the past were possible only because of participation of volunteers, both healthy and those with an illness, in clinical research…As research opens new doors to finding ways to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure disease and disability, clinical trial participation is essential to help us find the answers.”

For more information on our capabilities, to make a referral, for more information on currently enrolling studies, or to see if you or someone you know may qualify to participate in a study, please contact us today at 1-888-777-8839 or visit