Medical research studies are close to home in Tampa Bay…

medical conceptBy being part of a medical research study or clinical trial, you can help advance research in the Tampa Bay area. Meridien Research has five medical research facilities in West Central Florida in Bradenton, Brooksville, Lakeland, St. Petersburg and Tampa. All sites are within 90 minutes of each other, making it easy for everyone in the area to access research studies easily!

Without clinical trials, there can be no better treatments, no prevention and no cure for many diseases. Scientists are constantly working to find new and better ways to treat diseases, but improved treatments can never become a reality without testing in clinical trials with human volunteers. That’s where clinical research sites like Meridien Research come in!

Participating in clinical trial has the potential to help both the individual participant and other individuals who have medical conditions or are at risk of developing a medical condition. By participating in a medical research study:

  • You can play an active role in your own health care. By participating in a trial, you can get testing and monitoring for medical conditions you might not receive from your primary care physician.
  • You can gain access to investigational treatments before they are widely available. In most cases, a new study drug is being tested versus a placebo.
  • You can receive expert medical care at proven healthcare facilities — often free of cost — while participating in important medical research.
  • You can help future generations — your children and grandchildren — by contributing to medical research today.
  • You may receive compensation. Some trials will compensate monetarily for your time and effort spent on the study which will vary in length. Others will provide some other type of reimbursement possibly, such as medical equipment or care, medications and more again depending on the type of study.

Medical research could not exist without the willingness of individuals like you to undergo experimental research in clinical trials. To find out what medical research studies are open at the Meridien Research site nearest you, please click on our enrolling studies link here.