Medical research plays a role in public health

Clinical research is an essential aspect of public health. Through clinical research, the safety and effectiveness of drugs and other therapies is gained and innovative scientific advances have come about due to the participation of clinical research volunteers. Clinical trials have led to many breakthroughs in disease prevention and treatment and have saved the lives of millions.

For instance, over 600,000 school children participated in a randomized trial of the Salk polio vaccine which led to the approval of the first preventive treatment for polio. Now, with the addition of an oral vaccine, polio has been almost eliminated in the US. Also, clinical trials contributed to the scientific foundation for tuberculosis policies which are still followed today. Randomized, controlled clinical trials originated within the study of Tuberculosis. This program was the model for standardized treatment and standardization in clinical practice, and eventually for the development of clinical guidelines

Clinical research is not always devoted to finding the next “blockbuster” drug. Clinical trials also can provide valuable information about the benefits and safety of existing therapies which gives doctors and patients reliable information when choosing treatments.

There is no way to test the effectiveness of a new treatment other than through clinical trials, like those conducted at Meridien Research. Behind every medication that people have ever taken are patients who have volunteered to participate in clinical trial.

Clinical research plays a huge role in public health by providing an effective way of obtaining information regarding mental and physical health, as well as establish the effectiveness and safety of new ground-breaking and life-changing drugs. In order to create more opportunities for medical advances and breakthroughs, clinical research needs to continue to gain momentum and support.

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