Feeling Fine But Worried You Might Be At Risk For Alzheimer’s?

alzheimer's research tampaMany of us have been touched by the devastation of Alzheimer’s. We’ve seen, or at least heard, about the heartbreaking and sometimes scary impact it has on our loved ones or friends. And we may wonder if it’s in our own future. Unfortunately, the most important risk factors are things we have no control over: age, family history, genetics, and race/ethnicity.

You may also wonder if some things you are experiencing are warning signs. Memory loss is one of the most common signs of Alzheimer’s, and some other signs may be indications that Alzheimer’s is setting in. However, everyone will experience some typical changes as we age. Per the Alzheimer’s Association, here are some of the differences:

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If you notice any of these early warning signs, don’t ignore them. Make an appointment with a doctor right away. Early detection ensures the maximum benefit from available treatments, relieving some symptoms and maintaining independence longer.

There are also a few things you can do to influence your risk. These include:

Protecting your brain—Buckle your seat belt, wear a helmet when playing sports or riding a bike, and otherwise be careful to protect your brain. There may be a link between serious head trauma and future risk.
Being heart smart—Conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, which all damage the heart and blood vessels, seem to increase risk as well.
Protecting your overall health—Research suggests that overall healthy aging may help, to. Eat a healthy diet, stay active, exercise the body and mind, and avoid tobacco and excess alcohol.

Today, Alzheimer’s is the only top 10 cause of death that cannot be prevented, cured, or even slowed. Research is critical to discovering ways to fight it. Meridien Research has studies that are enrolling now—including studies for healthy seniors who feel they may be at risk for Alzheimer’s—at several of our clinics. For more information or to see if you or someone you know may qualify to participate, please contact us today at 1-888-777-8839 or visit NewStudyInfo.com.