Meridien Research’s Brooksville clinic provides a unique service for a rural community

For more than 15 years, Kelli K. Maw, MD, MPH has provided valuable medical services to the Hernando community.

Dr. Kelli K. Maw is a board-certified practitioner of family medicine. The breadth of this certification includes the physical, clinical, and mental health of their patients. She understands the comprehensive health care needs for the individual, as well as their family. This is very important when caring for people with progressive diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes.

As an epidemiologist, Dr. Maw investigated the patterns and causes of disease in order to reduce the risk of spreading and negative outcomes. This primarily takes places through research, community out-reach and education. Experience in public health gave her an excellent springboard into her role as a principal investigator.

Dr. Maw is drawn to clinical research because the innovative research and development toward ground-breaking medications. Through genetic testing and pharmaceutical research, clinicians can treat more diseases and disorders than ever before. Many of these medications provide a better quality of life through relief from debilitating symptoms, while others alter the effects of the disease, and in some cases, reverse them.

Because of her epidemiology experience and practice of family medicine, Dr. Maw has the expertise to perform a wide range of research. She has completed clinical trials in the following diseases and disorders:

– Alzheimer’s Disease.
– Cardiovascular.
– Type 1 and 2 Diabetes.
– Fibromyalgia.
– Gout.
– Influenza.
– Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
– Migraine.
– Vaccines.

Clinical trials on medications are very carefully designed. Each study has a set of protocols that define every aspect of the study, such as who can participate and how the medication is to be given. The protocols are in place to protect the participants, as much as protecting the scientific integrity of the study. “For many of our studies, especially Alzheimer’s, we want our participants to be stable and on a FDA approved standard of care,” explained Dr. Maw. “So, we are not taking away from their care, we are only adding, because we do monitor the participants very closely through screenings and tests. And, the testing and scans are more frequent than what is performed in a regular doctor’s office.”

“The sponsors of these studies have performed years of research prior to human trials,” said Dr. Maw. “They have done their homework before setting up study protocols.” Frequent monitoring outlined in the protocols allows the investigators to minimize any complications that may arise from the introduction of novel therapies.

Meridien Research’s Brooksville clinic provides a unique service for the community. Some of the most advanced scientific research on medication is being offered for free. Typically, people in rural communities would need to travel long distances to have access to this type of specialty care, which creates a burden on the families already struggling to support a loved one.

“Many people in the surrounding community don’t realize they have access to the most advanced medications that aren’t on the market,” said Dr. Maw. “I also want people and other physicians to not fear clinical research. Participants can continue to see their doctors for regular visits and care. We are not taking away from their care, only adding to it.”

Many of the latest innovations in drug therapies are being tested by Dr. Maw at the Brooksville clinic. Participants are always closely monitored and there is an open line of communication between them and the principal investigator. And, all medications are free and a small stipend is often given for time and travel.

Some of the clinical trials have open label testing, which means that participants know what the medication is and if they will be taking it. Open label trials are a great way to find out how clinical trials can be a benefit. To find out more about how you can participate in a clinical trial, contact Meridien Research, please call 888-777-8839 or go to the Studies page of our website to find a study in your area.