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Meridien Research – Diabetes and Cardiac Conditions

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Actual Enrollment:


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Retention Rate:



A giant international pharmaceutical company needed research sites in Florida where they could place (and successfully enroll subjects in) their type 2 diabetes with cardiovascular risk trial.


Meridien Research, with four research clinics in diabetes-filled Florida and a well-known endocrinologist, was a perfect match for this study. Two of the sites went fast-tracked for rapid enrollment.

With on and offline recruitment tactics, which included print ads, Social Media and radio advertising, Meridien Research was able to enroll 22 subjects (18 more or 550% of goal) just six months from activation. The retention rate for this study was 91% and the study ended early because of rapid enrollment across the country.

When it comes to diabetes trials, Meridien Research can help you fill your studies quickly and efficiently.

About Meridien Research

Meridien Research has been offering medical research to residents of Central Florida since 2000. With four privately-owned clinical trial facilities in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Maitland and Lakeland, Meridien Research’s mission is to provide consistent, high-quality clinical research in a professional, ethical and timely manner.