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Meridien Research – Acne

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A Colorado-based specialty pharmaceutical manufacturer needed an established research facility in Florida with a large population of young people where they could place their acne study.


The company searched for principal investigators (PIs) with specific experience in dermatology and acne studies that had proven themselves in other clinical trials based on published enrollment figures. After thorough site reviews, the manufacturer selected Meridien Research because they had a great number of potential subjects in the 12 to 40 years of age bracket.

Using their database, outreach and dedicated marketing, which included print ads, Social Media and radio advertising, Meridien Research’s skilled team was able to enroll 60 subjects (35 more or 240% of goal) within 11 weeks. They had a 93% retention rate on this study that finished on time!

If you are looking for a proven research facility in Florida, look no further than Meridien Research!

About Meridien Research

Meridien Research has been offering medical research to residents of Central Florida since 2000. With four privately-owned clinical trial facilities in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Maitland and Lakeland, Meridien Research’s mission is to provide consistent, high-quality clinical research in a professional, ethical and timely manner.