5 reasons to participate in a medical research study

iStock_000015902299LargeWe are often asked by prospective patients, vendors and employees WHY people should participate in a medical research study. There are many reasons and each person’s path to a clinical trial is different. Here are a few of the top reasons for participating in a study we hear at our Tampa Bay-area sites:

  • You can play an active role in your own health care. By participating in a trial, you can get testing and monitoring for medical conditions you might not receive from your primary care physician. For free! And some of the studies last months, so you are looking at long-term care.
  • You can gain access to investigational treatments before they are widely available. In most cases, a new study drug is being tested versus a placebo.
  • You can receive expert medical care at proven healthcare facilities — at no charge — while participating in important medical research.
  • You can help future generations — your children and grandchildren — by contributing to medical research today.
  • You may receive compensation. Some trials will compensate monetarily for your time and effort spent on the study which will vary in length. Others will provide some other type of reimbursement possibly, such as medical equipment or care,

    medications and more again depending on the type of study.

Whatever the reason, Meridien Research (and other medical research facilities across the United States) is pleased to have your support and confidence as we improve healthcare. If you ever have questions or concerns about the services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact the Meridien Research office nearest to you for more information. We are happy to bring medical research close to home!